Learn Japanese Distance Education Certificate Course

The learn Japanese Distance Education programme aims to introduce Japanese to enthusiasts from this beginner level to the advanced level by gradually building the students’ skills through focus on the Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking..

Welcome to Hayakawa Distance Education

Hayakawa Japanese Language School & Cultural Center is a leading Japanese language academy in Chennai, India. We are pleased to offer you certification programs through distance learning.

The learn Japanese Distance Education program aims to introduce Japanese learner from beginner level to Advance level by gradually building the students’ skills through

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Listen to Hayakawa Learn Japanese CD

Read Hayakawa Learn Japanese textbook

Write in the Hayakawa Learn Japanese workbook

SpeakSensei (Teachers) from Hayakawa

Practice Friends from Hayakawa

Advantage of Japanese Distance Education

  • Learn conveniently from anywhere
  • Avoid Unnecessary travel
  • Learn from the leading Japanese Language School in India
  • Conveniently accelerate your career by learning Japanese language
  • Become eligible for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • Cheaper than regular classes

Why Study foreign languages in India?

Knowing a language is like owning a country! How proficient you are in any language makes you comfortable in learning another language.

As countries move closer and their interdependence grows with each passing day, it is important to acknowledge the fact that knowing a foreign language has now become a necessity.

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